Computed Tomography (CT)

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CT: Computed Tomography

CT, or Computed Tomography - also called Cat Scan, is a valuable method of diagnostic imaging similar to radiographs that us x-rays to form a viewable image.  Your Pet lies on a table around which an x-ray tube spins. The collected data is then computer processed into an axial, or cross-sectional, view of the area being imaged.  Using CT, our Doctors are able to visualize vertebral abnormalities, extruded intervertebral discs, masses in the chest or abdomen, and perform myelographic studies.  The CT images are used to plan surgeries and other procedures. CT scans provide superior imaging for bone and muscle disorders such as tumors, fractures, and extruded intervertebral discs.

We have the advantage of having an in-house CT here at CVSEC, which is especially important in emergency situations. Any movement during a CT distorts the resultant image. Therefore, your Pet is placed under general anesthesia to perform the CT so they remain still. Your Pet is closely monitored while under general anesthesia and during recovery; they will normally remain hospitalized overnight for continued observation and IV Fluid therapy. If surgery, such as a Hemilaminectomy for Neurologic patients, is indicated for your Pet, the Doctor will contact you as soon as they interpret the CT and surgery will typically be done immediately following the CT.