Compounding Pharmacies (Ships to your home)

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Sometimes the medication that is needed was designed for people and does not come in a form convenient for a smaller Patient.  A compounding pharmacy has the ability to reformulate the medication into a correct does, and sometimes even into a liquid flavored form so that your Pet accepts it easier.  Below are two compounding pharmacies that we recommend on a regular basis and have a proven reputation.  They will ship medications directly to your home:


Pet Health Pharmacy

12012 N. 111th Avenue

Youngtown, AZ 85363

(623) 214-2791

(800) 742-0516

(866) 373-0030 [FAX]


Wedgewood Pharmacy

405 Heron Drive - Suite 200

Swedesboro, NJ 08085-1749


800.589.4250 [FAX]