At Home Urinary Catheter Care

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Wear gloves when handling the urinary system and cleaning the urinary catheter.

2-3 times a day, clean the urinary catheter with the betadine solution swab sticks.  Use the gauze to dry around the vulva and wipe the urinary catheter.  The area should appear free of debris with very minimal irritation.

You may see some urine leaking around the urinary catheter- this is normal.  If your Pet has a mass in the urethra, this may prevent the urinary catheter from sitting properly so it would not leak.  As long as the urine is flowing through the urinary catheter when hooked up to a line and bag, then the urinary catheter is working properly.

To empty the urinary system:
1) Pinch the urinary catheter, so urine cannot flow through, near
the connection port sutured at the top of your Pet's back.  A plain black office clip can be helpful to pinch this part of the urinary catheter.  Do not use a paper clip or anything with a sharp edge or point to it.

2) Remove both the white adaptor on the connection port sutured
at your Pet's back and connect it to the line attached to the urinary bag.

3) Release the pinched urinary catheter so urine can begin to flow and place the bag below your Pet so gravity can assist in the emptying of her bladder

4) The system can remain connected or be disconnected.  The urinary bag may be discarded after it is filled.

Four (4) urinary collection systems have been provided.  Do not allow urine to flow backwards through the system into your Pet’s bladder, as this can cause discomfort and contribute to urinary tract infection. Do not lift the urinary bag/collection system above the back- always have the bag below the Patient so that gravity aids in the correct flow of urine.

An additional blue connector has been provided in case the one atop your Pet's back at the connection port cracks or is lost.

Additional white adaptor caps are also included in case those are lost or damaged.

Gloves are also provided but additional gloves can be purchased at your local pharmacy.