Subcutaneous (Insulin) Injection Administration

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Insulin is a medication used to control blood suger levels.

If your Pet doesn't eat, DO NOT GIVE THE INSULIN.  Call your Veterinarian for advice on what to do.  Always wait until AFTER your Pet has eaten to give this medication.  If the insulin is accidently given and your Pet hasn't eaten or won't eat, call your Veterinarian immediately.  This could be a life threatening situation!

  • Remove the bottle from the refrigerator and roll between hands very gently to mix the insulin.  NEVER SHAKE the bottle.
  • Insert the needle into the rubber stopper at the top of the bottle and draw out the prescribed dose of insulin.
  • To administer gently pinch some loose skin anywhere along the back or shoulder area to create a "tent".
  • Keeping the syringe parallel to the body insert the needle into the tented skin.
  • Gently aspirate (pull back) on the plunger to ensure you are not in a blood vessel.  (If blood does return into the syringe, simply remove the needle and try again in another location.)
  • Press down on the plunger until the entire contents of the syringe is administered.  Once completed there may be a small amount of blood noted on the fur.  This is normal; just use a clean tissue or cotton ball and apply gentle pressure with your finger for a minute.