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  • Bentley McMeans

    Austin McMeans - Dallas, TX

    Thanks to the whole Staff @ CVSEC for bringing my baby boy back! He was in such a critical condition just 3 days ago with a small chance of making it, and their Team of Criticalists, Techs, Nurses, and Surgeons acted quickly and professionally with only Bentley's health in mind. We will never bring him anywhere else, and we are eternally grateful for CVSEC's services. They are the best in DFW hands down. Only my Bentley "Tom Brady" McMeans was capable of such a second half comeback.
  • Petunia

    Karrie F - LEWISVILLE, TX

    I never want to have to meet the team at an ER but it is part of life. Your team, everyone I spoke with and met was amazing. My 13.5 yr old Bulldog had pneumonia on Christmas Day. I took her to the ER I knew about and they kept her overnight but they are an after-hours clinic. I had to pick her up in the morning and our family Vet was closed due to the holiday. To say I was panicked would be an understatement. The ER clinic gave us your name and I called. The first question asked was "does she need oxygen for transport?" That right there showed me you cared. Once we got there, Petunia was well cared for as were we. When we went to visit her, you had put a blanket on her and a pad on the bottom of the crate since she was having trouble standing due to her old age. What you didn't know is that she sleeps under her Georgia Bulldogs blanket on my bed every night so putting that blanket on her made her feel comforted, I am sure of it. I even asked yesterday as we checked out if you saw patients as a "regular" Vet would because I would only come to you going forward if possible. Sadly, you don't but know that when I need an ER or Specialty Vet, I will be 100% loyal to you and will tell everyone I know. I am your biggest fan. Thank you for all you did for my baby girl.
  • Leonidas

    Jericho G - Lewisville, TX

    Just wanted to say hi and share a photo with Dr. Hollman....Leonidas a week ago on the left...him tonight on the right...resting and taking meds but it able to stand and has no shakes. Long road and we'll go slowly but I had to share. Thank you everyone! for loving my boy like I do.
  • Gizmo

    Elissa T - Lewisville, TX

    I received this amazing card from you guys!!! I cried my little heart out! in the worst moment of my life... Y'all made me feel so comfortable and you were so loving, gentle and more than understanding with my cremation planning. I wish things could have been different but to think of ME after the fact is undeniably the most thoughtful thing y'all could have done for not even really knowing us.
  • Schultz

    Jim C - Lewisville, TX

    To Dr. Case, Alicia, and my other friends at CVSEC: I made my person – who you know as Mr. C but I just called Jim (roughly translated: Ruff) – promise me that he would write you this letter to let you know how much I appreciated your caring and comfort during my bout with lymphoma. I’m grateful to you all for the extra few weeks I had with him and my companions. During my visits there, I think you heard him refer to me by several names. Obviously, my given name was Schultz, but I also answered to the diminutive Schultzie; Dude; a derivative of that, Doodlebug; and yet another derivative, Mr. Doodles, or just Doodles. I never was sure what was up with all the names but I didn’t mind – I answered to all of them, and they made me feel special. Truth be told, I also really appreciated it when Alicia called me Handsome Pants. She probably said that to all the dogs, but I liked to think it was just for me. Anyway, my person had a nice lady come and take some pictures the day I left CVSEC. The one below shows me at home in my favorite spot on the couch with my friends (from left) Rascal, Gus, and Molly. (Obviously, I’m the good-looking salt-and-pepper schnauzer.)There’s also a print of just me. I wanted you to have them as a token of our thanks for everything you did. I understand this wasn’t my person’s first connection with Dr. Ducote’s practice, which has become CVSEC. She has a very important mission and all of you are a special part of that mission. Thank you all again for what you did for me and for my person, and for all the other animals in your care. Fondly, Schultz
  • Ashley

    The Griffeth Family - Lewisville, TX

    Dear Dr. Lindsay, Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me today. We greatly appreciate your insight and willingness to help us understand our Ashley's possible diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. This is a sand and frightening time for us in "new territory". It gives us comfort knowing we have excellent Veterinarians guiding us and caring for our little girl Thank you for helping us along this path. We appreciate your kidness
  • Holly

    Mayling & Richard C - Lewisville, TX

    Thank you for all your help & caring for Holly! We appreciate it! - The Casillas Family
  • Sasha

    Sunil D family - Lewisville, TX

    Dear Dr. Eng, Dr. Fann, Dr. Gillett, Dr. Knight, Dr. Sires, Dr. Stikeman and Associates, On behalf of our entire family, I'd like to express our most sincere gratitude for the way you cared for our beloved pet, Sasha. He was my daughter Puja's favorite dog. A happy playful spirit, and an excellent protector. A piece of out hearts will certainly be missing for some time. Sadness aside, we could not have asked for a better care takers during his last days. Your stay went above and beyond the level of service most people would expect for the care of an animal. Your compassion and understanding during the past week helped us to feel comfortable leaving him, knowing he would be in good hands. The fact that we were able to spend quality time with him, and say goodbye before he passed means more to us than yo may realize. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your efforts and care of our four-legged family member

    Tania I - Lewisville, TX

    Thank you so much for making Wuckie so much better. He use to never want to roll over and get his belly rubbed. Now he wants to all the time. Dr. Ducote, your approach to finding the issue at hand was wonderful we know we may have a long road but are grateful for your guidance through it. From Wuckie, Coco (sister) and myself, A big Thank you! - Tania I